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Donation Request

 DC CYCLE & RACING has been a Harley                                                                     performance leader for many years and                                                                         appreciates every customer thinking of us.                                                                                 We currently receive an enormous amount                                                                                   of requests for donations on a weekly basis.                                                                               DC CYCLE & RACING management will                                                                               review these requests once each month,                                                                                   and you  will be notified if your donation                                                                             request has been granted. Time is an                                                                               important factor in order for us to decide                                                                               which benefits we can support. We will                                                                                   review your request and look for those opportunities which are directly related to our   business and mission. Before submitting a request, please ask yourself how your cause   relates to , DC CYCLE & RACING, Motorcycling, or Motorcycle Safety. To make the   distribution as fair as possible, we request that you complete the form below.

 Please be as detailed as possible. The quicker we receive your requests, the better your   organizations’ chances will be in receiving our donation. If you have any questions or need   more information, please contact us.

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