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                                MOTOR TUNES


This method has proven very successful in getting the most power and longevity out of your motor for performance or everyday use. This process allows control of the load, heat cycling, throttle input, and RPM while utilizing the dyno, fans, and sensors to monitor and regulate conditions during the break-in period procedure. DC Cycle & Racing collects tuning data throughout the process, controls the temperatures and inspects for oil leaks, faults, or stresses. Tuning adjustments are made during cool down periods and then evaluated as the process continues.

The end result is a full tune that is done in a controlled environment as opposed to breaking in a motor that is running too lean and therefore destroying it through the breaking in process. There is also no need to reschedule for the tune, which of course saves customers time and hassle. The customer does not have to deal with an out of tune bike that has glitches during the break-in period, and instead they can have confidence that their bike is 100% when it is finished.

dynoing a bike

An increasing number of customers from around the country are bringing their Harleys to DC Cycle & Racing for high-performance modifications. In the past after building a motor, we would ask the customer to ride the motorcycle to break it in and then come in for a dyno tune later. Such practices are not practical for customers 100 miles or more from Red Bay, Alabama. As a result, DC Cycle & Racing has developed a break-in procedure based on our racing programs.

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