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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about Fast Tunes, ECU Flash Tuning, modifications, and more. If you don't see the Q&A you're looking for, click on CONTACT FORM to submit your question.


What is ECU Flash Tuning?

ECU Flash Tuning is when the software is updated or reprogrammed in the ECU/ECM on your vehicle. The ECU controls 1 or more of the electrical systems on your vehicle, which tells it what to do & how to operate.


Can my Harley ECU/ECM be flash tuned?

Yes. If your Harley is 2007 or newer & has had a Stage 1 installed, then your ECM can be flash-tuned. Stage 1 is exhaust & air cleaner only. ECU/ECM flash tuning is not an option for Harley's with engine modifications.


How do I get my ECU/ECM flash tuned?

You can choose your make/model in the ECU Flash Tuning tab located under Fast Tunes & click the button provided. From there you will be directed to TeamMSC's website to fill out a form and make payment, along with instructions for sending your ECU for a flash tune.


What make/models is ECU Flash Tuning available for?

All make/models available for flash tuning are listed in the ECU Flash Tuning tab under Flash Tunes.


What clutch kit do I need for my ATV/UTV?

Click the Read more button for more info.


Where can I purchase parts for my ATV/UTV?

Parts & Accessories can be purchased at Main Street Cycle in Tishomingo, MS and on their website at


Is the stock tune saved so it can be turned back to stock?

Yes. The original/stock tune is saved under the customer's name, and the ECU can be returned to stock or the original tune it came with, however on some ECU's, the manufacturer can tell if it's been flashed and how many times.

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