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Does your bike have what it takes to be an elite member of the DC Cycle & Racing 110+ horsepower club??

DC Cycle and Racing is proud of our 110+ club members. These members enjoy the adrenaline rush you get from a high horsepower performance engine. DC has a fully equipped, inhouse, precision machine shop, trained Harley techs, and a state of the art Dyno room to get you the horsepower and torque you crave! 

Our consultants are able to create packages from mild to wild. Lots of DC's performance upgrades will include exhaust systems, open air cleaners, tuners, and of course, dyno tuning.

However, for those wanting more, we do offer full custom engine builds, consisting of crank work, modified cases, ported, polished, and flowed heads, high lift cams, and big bore cylinders containing high compression pistons- All in house tested and tuned to meet your 110+ horsepower needs.

To see what we can do for you, give us a call or complete our contact form (Click here) or better yet, come by for a shop tour. There is nothing we like more than putting together packages that meet and exceed our customer's dream build.

Rules and Guidelines for Membership

1. Must register 110+ horsepower on DC's Dyno

2. Engine modification must have been done at DC Cycle and Racing

3. Must be a Harley Davidson or Harley Custom

4. DC Cycle and Racing reserves the rights to make the final decision on club membership


1. The elite members of the DC Cycle and Racing 110+ Horsepower Club will receive one free DC t-shirt

2. Fifty dollar DC gift card

3. Your picture and dyno sheet on our website for bragging rights.

Check our current roster of 110+ members who have chose to take it to the next level and have joined 110+ Club. If you want to join this exclusive club, contact us at 256-356-8911 or email us at and we will get you started on your dream build.  

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