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Torque is represented on the right side of each Dyno graph and Horse Power is represented on the left. Both of these values are represented on the graph in the same color shade as that of the bike in question (found in upper left corner of the graph). For example, the image above is a dyno graph comparing the HP and Torque of two different motor builds and tunes. One is of a  CVO 110 inch bike which will be represented in shades of blue, and the other is a DC CYCLE & RACING upgraded cam installed on same bike which is represented in shades of red. (Darriel Winters is the name of the customer that owns the bike DC CYCLE & RACING modified).


Now torque is shown to be displayed on the graph with the red colored block. The red block corresponds to the red line on the graph representing the DC CYCLE & RACING cam upgrade  (124.79 foot lbs torque) and the blue block corresponds to the blue line on the graph representing the torque value of the CVO 110 stock cam bike (112.76 ft lbs torque). The same happens with the HP found on the left side of the graph. The color blocks indicate HP to be displayed on the graph with red and blue lines. The red line then shows the HP value of the DC CYCLE & RACING cam upgrade (114.31 HP) which is compared to the blue line displaying the HP value of the CVO 110 stock cam (95.07 HP). LET DC CYCLE & RACING GET RESULTS FOR YOU!!

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