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B Codes:

B0563---Battery Voltage High
B1103---LHCM Internal error
B1121(HFSM)---Left Turn Output Open
B1121(TSM)---Left Turn Output Fault
B1122(HFSM)---Right Turn Output Open
B1122(TSM)---Right Turn Output Fault
B1123(HFSM)---Left Turn Output Short to Ground
B1124(HFSM)---Right Turn Output Short to Ground
B1125(HFSM)---Left Turn Output Short to Battery
B1126(HFSM)---Right Turn Output Short to Battery
B1131(HFSM)---Alarm Output Low
B1132(HFSM)---Alarm Output High
B1134---Starter Output High
B1135---Accelerometer Failed
B1136(HFSM)---Accelerometer Tip Test Error
B1141(HFSM)---Ignition Switch Low/Open
B1141(TSM)---Ignition Switch Low/Open
B1142---Smart Security System Internal Fault
B1143(HFSM)---Security Antenna Short to Ground
B1144(HFSM)---Security Antenna Short to Battery
B1145(HFSM)---Security Antenna Open
B1151---Bank Angle Sensor(BAS) Short to Ground
B1152---Bank Angle Sensor(BAS) Short to Battery
B1153---Bank Angle Sensor(BAS) High
B1153---RHCM internal error
B1154---Clutch Switch Input Short to Ground
B1155---Neutral Switch Input Short to Battery
B1200---IM internal fault
B1210---Fuel level sender shorted low/open
B1211---Fuel level sender shorted high
B1212---Fuel signal low
B1213---Fuel signal high
B1300---Radio voltage high
B1301---Radio voltage low
B1302---Face plate home button stuck
B1303---Face plate favorite button stuck
B1304---Face plate navigation button stuck 
B1305---Face plate power/mute button stuck 
B1306---Rear hand controls shorted high
B1307---Rear hand controls shorted low
B1308---Rear volume up button stuck
B1309---Rear volume down button stuck
B1310---Rear mode button stuck
B1311---Rear PTT button stuck
B1312---Rear tune up button stuck
B1313---Rear tune down button stuck
B1314---LHCM VR button stuck
B1315---LHCM up button stuck
B1316---LHCM left button stuck
B1317---LHCM center button stuck
B1318---LHCM right button stuck
B1319---LHCM down button stuck
B1320---RHCM Info button stuck
B1321---RHCM up button stuck
B1322---RHCM left button stuck
B1323---RHCM center button stuck
B1324---RHCM right button stuck
B1325---RHCM down button stuck
B1326---RHCM CB squelch up button stuck
B1327---RHCM CB PTT button stuck
B1328---RHCM CB squelch down button stuck
B1329---Faceplate preset button 1 stuck
B1330---Faceplate preset button 2 stuck
B1331---Faceplate preset button 3 stuck
B1332---Faceplate preset button 4 stuck
B1333---Faceplate preset button 5 stuck
B1334---Faceplate preset button 6 stuck
B1335---Faceplate preset button 7 stuck
B1336---Faceplate preset button 8 stuck
B1337---Front left speaker shorted together
B1338---Front left speaker open
B1339---Front left speaker shorted low
B1340---Front left speaker shorted high
B1341---Rear left speaker shorted together
B1342---Rear left speaker open
B1343---Rear left speaker shorted low
B1344---Rear left speaker shorted high
B1345---Front right speaker shorted together
B1346---Front right speaker open
B1347---Front right speaker shorted low
B1348---Font right speaker shorted high
B1349---Rear right speaker shorted together
B1350---Rear right speaker open
B1351---Rear right speaker shorted low
B1352---Rear right speaker shorted high
B1353---Speaker offset DC output
B1354---GPS antenna open
B1355---GPS antenna shorted low
B1356---SDARS antenna open
B1357---SDARS antenna shorted
B1358---Front left headset shorted high
B1359---Front right headset shorted high
B1360---Front left headset shorted low
B1361---Front right headset shorted low
B1362---Rear left headset shorted high
B1363---Rear right headset shorted high
B1364---Rear left headset shorted low
B1365---Rear right headset shorted low
B1366---Internal thermal shutdown error
B1401---Amp voltage low
B1402---Amp voltage high
**Amp 1 Amp 2**
B1403---Speaker offset DC output*
B1404---Internal thermal shutdown error*
B1405---EQ correlation error 
B1406---Invalid or missing EQ
B1410---Channel 1 speaker open*
B1411---Channel 1 speaker shorted low*
B1412---Channel 1 speaker shorted high*
B1413---Channel 1 Speaker shorted together*
B1420---Channel 2 speaker open*
B1421---Channel 2 speaker shorted low*
B1422---Channel 2 speaker shorted high*
B1423---Channel 2 speaker shorted together*
B1430---Channel 3 speaker open*
B1431---Channel 3 speaker shorted low*
B1432---Channel 3 speaker shorted high*
B1433---Channel 3 speaker shorted together*
B1440---Channel 4 speaker open*
B1441---Channel 4 speaker shorted low*
B1442---Channel 4 speaker shorted high*
B1443---Channel 4 speaker shorted together*
B2102---System power output shorted high
B2103---System power output shorted low
B2104---System power output overloaded
B2106---L4 output open
B2107---L4 output shorted high
B2108---L4 output shorted low
B2109---L4 output overloaded
B2112---ACC output shorted high
B2113---ACC output shorted low
B2114---ACC output overloaded
B2116---Fuel pump output open
B2117---Fuel pump output shorted high
B2118---Fuel pump output shorted low
B2119---Fuel pump output overloaded
B2121---Starter output open
B2122---Starter output shorted high
B2123---Starter output shorted low
B2124---Starter output overloaded
B2127---E4 output shorted high
B2128---E4 output shorted low
B2129---E4 output overloaded
B2131---High beam output open
B2132---High beam output shorted high
B2133---High beam output shorted low 
B2134---High beam output overloaded
B2136---Low beam output open
B2137---Low beam output shorted high
B2138---Low beam output shorted low
B2139---Low beam output overloaded 
B2141---Left front turn signal output open
B2143---Left front turn signal output shorted low
B2144---Left front turn signal output overloaded
B2146---Right front turn signal output open
B2148---Right front turn signal output shorted low
B2149---Right front turn signal output overloaded
B2151---Left rear turn signal output open
B2153---Left rear turn signal output shorted low
B2154---Left rear turn signal output overloaded
B2156---Right rear turn signal output open
B2158---Right rear turn signal output shorted low
B2159---Right rear turn signal output overloaded
B2161---Brake lamp output open
B2163---Brake lamp output shorted low
B2164---Brake lamp output overloaded
B2168---Running lights output shorted low
B2169---Running lights output overloaded
B2172---H2 output shorted high
B2173---H2 output shorted low
B2176---Security antenna output open
B2177---Security antenna output shorted high
B2178---Security antenna output shorted low
B2183---G2 output shorted low
B2188---G3 output shorted low
B2193---H4 output shorted low 
B2198---H3 output shorted low
B2201---IGN switch off w/VSS
B2203---Ignition switch input shorted low
B2206---Run/stop switch input open/shorted high
B2208---Run/stop switch input shorted low
B2210---Run/stop switch inputs both open
B2212---Run/stop switch inputs both closed
B2218---Neutral switch shorted low
B2223---Rear brake switch shorted low (light on)
B2226---BAS input open
B2228---BAS input shorted low
B2231---Fork locked/VSS
B2232---Fork lock shorted high
B2233---Fork lock shorted low
B2234---Fork lock detected with option disabled
B2235---Fork lock configuration invalid
B2250---Clutch switch stuck
B2251---Horn switch stuck
B2253---FTP switch stuck
B2254---Left turn switch stuck
B2255---Trip switch stuck
B2256---LHCM Police siren power stuck
B2257---LHCM Police siren wail power stuck
B2258---LHCM police siren yelp stuck
B2260---Start switch stuck
B2261---Right turn switch stuck
B2262---Front brake switch stuck
B2263---Hazard switch stuck
B2264---RHCM police lights power switch stuck
B2265---RHCM police lights front switch stuck
B2266---RHCM police lights rear switch stuck
B2267---RHCM police ICR switch stuck
B2270---BCM internal error
B2271---BCM voltage low
B2272---BCM/IM voltage high
B2274---Constant battery line error

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