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Tools: Electrical Tape, String, Push Wire, Flat Head Screwdriver, Small Needle Nose Pliers, utility knife with hook blade

Push Wire- Use our mayhem chaser or a 6 ft piece of 12 ga copper stranded wire (home electrical wire).

2014-2020 Models:

If you have a 2014-2015 model, you will have to de-pin the 6 pin black connecter at the end of the TBW harness. If you have 2016-2020 models, Cut the thick black wire loom off the harnesses, do a single loop of electrical tape every 4”. Blow a string thru the bar and then tape off your push wire, pull it thru until there is about 2” sticking out the bottom. Line the plugs up straight on the right switch harness, Tape off about 2” of the switch harness to the push wire, push/pull the switch harness through the bar. Un-tape and snake the push wire back through the end of the handle until about 2” is sticking out of the bottom. If you don’t have heated grips you can cut the black plug off the end of the TBW harness. Tape off about 3” of the TBW harness to the push wire. Push/pull it thru. If you get hung up, pull it out a little and twist the whole harness. Try again. The goal is to push the harness thru the bar and pull out the slack. Don’t try pulling the harness through the bars. Repeat for the left side. If you have heated grips, follow the same steps as the throttle by wire. With 10” and 12” bars, there will be enough of the switch harness sticking out of the bottom of the bar to connect your wire extensions. On 14” and 16” bars, push the switch harnesses through the bar enough to connect the wire extensions and then push the plugs back up through the slot enough so the harnesses can be seated into the switch housings. If you have heated grips, the Left side harness is long enough to exit the bottom slot on 10” and 12” bars. You will have to extend the left side heated grip harness before running it internal on 14” and 16” bars.

2013-Older Models:

Same exact processes as above. Remove the thick black wire looms from the harnesses. Before you start, hold the harness up to the bar and make sure they will pass thru the bar and have enough length to come out of the bottom and allow you to attach extensions or plug into the connector on the bike. These models have a lot of wires on each harness. If you are having difficulty, we recommend cutting the pins off the harness and re-soldering them back on after the wires are run internally. Stagger your cuts so that your solder joints are not bundled up in one spot. Pushing is key with these models. If you get hung up, just back it out a little and start over.


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