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U Codes:

U0001---CAN-BUS error
U0002---CAN comm bus perf error
U0003---Network management monitoring
U0100---Lost comm w/ECM
U0121---Lost comm W/ABS
U0140---Lost comm W/BCM
U0141---Lost comm w/LHCM
U0142---Lost comm w/RHCM
U0156---Lost comm w/SPEEDO
U0158---Lost comm w/fuel gauge
U0159---Lost comm w/volt gauge
U0160---Lost comm w/ fuel and volt gauge
U0184---Lost comm w/radio
U0185---Lost comm w/Amp 1
U0186---Lost comm w/ AMP 2
U1016---Loss of ECM Serial Data
U1064---Loss of TSM/FSFM Serial Data to ECM
U1097---Loss of Speedometer Serial Data to ECM
U1255---Serial Data Error
U1300---ECM Serial Data Low
U1300---Serial Data Low
U1301---ECM Serial Data High
U1301---Serial Data High
U1302---ACC bus perf error
U1401---Lost com w/CB

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